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Our Mission

To help you “Rewild Your Body” through natural movement, workouts, diet,  nutrition and overall lifestyle.

We offer our community natural health and fitness lifestyle tips, Wild Body workouts, healthy recipes, inspiration and more.

This is a place for people who want t to lose weight naturally, eat healthier, feel amazing, and have fun while improving their fitness.

You DESERVE to feel strong, healthy, vibrant, happy, capable, confident and free in your body!

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You shouldn’t require a gym, fancy equipment, supplements, chemical, or drugs in order to achieve a naturally fit and capable body. Rewilding your fitness is all about natural movements that work with the body in the way it was designed to move, instead of working against it. Natural movements are best done outdoors in our natural environment in order to achieve the best results. Natural fitness is fun and effective!



The food you put in your body becomes the building blocks for your body. If you put in highly processed factory produced junk food that doesn’t resemble anything found in nature, how can you expect to exude happiness and health? To close you eat to nature, the healthier you become. Your immune system improves, you become more resistant to modern diseases and illnesses, and your body is more easily able to achieve and maintain it’s optimal body composition and weight.



Following the laws of Nature is a sure way to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. We encourage you to get outside into nature, move your body, and experience the benefits of a more nature connected lifestyle. These benefits include: Less stress, a greater sense of purpose and self awareness, more creativity and inspiration, and an overall better state of health and fitness. When we deny our true nature and our body, mind, and spirit’s longing to be a part of nature, we suffer in many ways. Many humans are suffering from the effects of being disconnected from nature right now, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Rewilding helps!

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Who are we?

Meet the Team

Kevin Park

Co-Founder; Wild Body Coach

Kevin is a certified personal trainer specializing in natural movement. He is a natural weight loss coach, a raw foods educator, a lifelong athlete, a runner, a bike racer, and a nature lover. His passion in life is to help people achieve sustainable long-term health and fitness, adopt a plant based diet, regain their place as vibrant human beings in the natural web of life, and to achieve a higher level of conscious existence in their bodies and on the planet. He loves trail running with his dog, lifting heavy objects, eating tropical fruits, gardening and wild food foraging. He looks forward to helping you discover your Wild Body!

Alissa Wild

Co-Founder; Creative Director

Alissa is the founder of We Are Wildness. She is a natural lifestyle activist, a nature connection expert and a health leader. She comes from an athletic background and loves to move her body in a variety of ways including ecstatic dance, aerial silks, belly dancing, gymnastics, cycling, hiking, swimming, strength training and yoga. Alissa has completed several juice feasts and has successfully overcome many of her own health struggles through diet and exercise and brings that knowledge and experience to the program.

Alissa loves running around barefoot, playing with her dog, drinking green smoothies, eating ripe organic fruits and swimming in rivers.

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